Write about the reforms of lord william bentinck sati

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Lord William Bentinck

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Lord William Bentinck

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Social Reforms in India During Lord William Bentinck’s Era in 1828

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His seven years rule proved a peaceful interlude between two periods of severe and costly campaigning, and thus made it possible to achieve reforms which were long over due.

Social Reforms in India During Lord William Bentinck’s Era in 1828

Helped by his previous experience in Madras and a [ ]. Social reform which reflects great credit on the administration of Lord Bentinck was the abolition of Sati and Thugee. The word is probably derived from ‘Sat’ the nearest English equivalent of which is ‘truth’.

Lord William Bentinck, in full William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, (born September 14,Bulstrode, Buckinghamshire, England—died June 17,Paris, France), British governor-general of Bengal (–33) and of India (–35).

An aristocrat who sympathized with many of the liberal ideas of his day, he made important administrative reforms in Indian government and society.

Governor General William Bentinck and the evil custom of ''Sati'' - British India

Lord William Bentinck served as Governor General of India between to His tenure is known for the social reforms such as Abolition of Sati inSuppression of Thugi, and Suppression of Infanticide etc.

English was introduced as a medium of higher education on the advice of his.

Reforms Made by Lord William Bentick

Judicial Reforms Of Lord William Bentinck. Lord Cornwallis assumed the role of Governor-General of the Company in and continued till He was directed to take up three specific matters, one of them being reforms of the judicial system. The other tasks were resolving the problem of land revenue and improvement in the administrative machinery.

Sati: Official Documents, Lord William Cavendish Bentinck See: Sati After having lost most of their first empire in north America, the British stabilized the basis for their second empire by expanding their territorial control in India through the instrument of their East India Company.

Write about the reforms of lord william bentinck sati
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Reforms Made by Lord William Bentick