Tolstoy or dostoevsky an essay in the old criticism

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Tolstoy or Dostoevsky, But Not Both

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Anna Karenina

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Acclaimed by many as the world's greatest novel, Anna Karenina provides a vast panorama of contemporary life in Russia and of humanity in general. In it Tolstoy uses his intense imaginative insight to create some of the most memorable characters in literature.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Literary Titles

This is Dostoyevski at his best - at least as far as this reader is concerned. This is a ‘complex’ story (in many respects) certainly with respect to the storyline: and, in the ‘typical’ Russian style, full of boiling emotion, honor, degradation and mystery.

Tolstoy or Dostoevsky: An Essay in the Old Criticism

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Leo Tolstoy

Though like Our Lord and Socrates he does not publish much, he thinks and says a great deal and has had an enormous influence on our times.

Tolstoy or dostoevsky an essay in the old criticism
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Fyodor Dostoevsky Biography