The topography climate and spoken language of guatemala

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Guatemala Geography

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What Is Latin America? Geography, Language and Culture Explained

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Languages in Guatemala

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World Topography Bathymetry Map

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Tektitek language in Guatemala Tektitek language, also referred to as Teco, B'a'aj, or Tectiteco belongs to the Quichean-Mamean branch of the Mayan language family. The topography of El Salvador consists mainly of mountains, but the country does have a narrow, relatively flat coastal belt and a central plateau.

The highest point in El Salvador is Cerro el Pital at 8, feet (2, m) and it is located in the northern part of the country on the border with Honduras.

The languages spoken by the locals of Lago Atitlan Guatemala, in addition to Spanish their second language, their language of school and business. Languages Spoken on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Understanding indigenous languages requires patience and diligence, and extreme amounts of collaboration.

Country statistics

Guatemala has a few surprises in its climate. Because the country is in Central America, most people assume its climate is universally tropical; however, despite Guatemala's tropical location, the country's mountains alter the weather.

Guatemala Facts

Mexico, the largest country of Central America, is bordered on the north by the United States and on the south by Guatemala and three times as large as Texas, it is shaped roughly like a wedge, widest in the north and tapering to the narrow Isthmus of Tehuantepec in the south.

A new law in Guatemala, the birthplace of the ancient Mayan civilisation, officially recognises 23 indigenous languages for the first time, and requires that state funds be made available to rescue.

The topography climate and spoken language of guatemala
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