The sources of written law in malaysia

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What are sources of law?

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Introduction to the Sources of Law in Malaysia of the emergence of written law, as the kingdom of Malacca produced two major legal digests, which formed the main source of written law in Many cases on land law in Malaysia still apply the rules of equity as it has been argued that the National Land Code is not “complete and.

Written Law. The written law is the most important source of Malaysian Law. The written Law is divided into 4, namely Federal Constitution, State Constitution, Legislation and Subsidiary Legislation.5/5(1). To add here, we can divide the Malaysia law into 2 parts that are Written Law and Unwritten Law.

Freedom of religion in Malaysia

For the latter, it has 3 important source of law that include Federal constitution, State. Mar 28,  · We spread the knowledge of innovators through our technology books, online services, magazines, research and tech conferences.

Sources of Law in Malaysia

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The sources of written law in malaysia
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