The secret history of credit cards essay

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Secret History of the Credit Card

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And the end is moving on. This puts you in armed shape for the relevant and ahead of your peers who, anymore unknowingly, took path 1 or 2. In "Secret History of the Credit Card," FRONTLINE ® and The New York Times join forces to investigate an industry few Americans fully understand.

In this one-hour report, correspondent Lowell Bergman uncovers the techniques used by the industry to earn record profits and get consumers to take on more debt.

A credit card appears as a revolving credit line on a credit report, and the company will report the payment history to the credit reporting agencies. Once a person has developed and shown responsible payment history over a period of a few years, their credit report will reflect a responsible buyer.

3/5(7). Nov 21,  · NPR's Jennifer Ludden talks with Frontline reporter Lowell Bergman about The Secret History of the Credit Card, a new documentary by PBS and The New York Times.

The film traces the rise of America.

Good vs. bad credit: Why is this important?

In "Secret History of the Credit Card," FRONTLINE ® and The New York Times join forces to investigate an industry few Americans fully understand.

The Secret History of the Credit Card Essay Words | 3 Pages turned the credit card business, which before was losing money, into an immensely profitable business. As stated in the frontline article, “the unlikely state of South Dakota became the place where America's credit card.

According to Jonathan Levine's "Credit Where It Is Due: A Social History of Consumer Credit in America," this dinner — apparently known in the industry as "the first supper" — is a.

How the Victoria's Secret Credit Card Works: Benefits and Rewards (LB) The secret history of credit cards essay
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