The murder of mary ann polly nichols a whitechapel murder victim by jack the ripper

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On This Day: Jack the Ripper Kills First Victim

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He came upon it as he did and flashing his lanthorn to say it he was answered by the decisions from two other people at either end of the reader. Oct 16,  · If you accept the Canonical Five hypothesis, Jack’s first victim was Mary Ann Nichols, better known to friends and family as “Polly.” Polly was dirt poor, as were many residents in the Whitechapel area of London.

The Whitechapel murders were committed in or near the impoverished Whitechapel district in the East End of London between 3 April and 13 February At various points some or all of these eleven unsolved murders of women have been ascribed to the notorious unidentified serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.

Mary Ann Nichols

Most, if not all, of the victims—Emma Elizabeth Smith, Martha Tabram, Mary. Buck's Row, Whitechapel Site of the murder of Jack the Ripper's victim, Mary Ann "Poly" Nichols, on 31 August Find this Pin and more on 19th Century America & Victorian London by John D.

O'Brien. It was in a dark gateway in Durward Street, formerly Buck's Row, where, on 31 Augustthe body of the first Rippe victimr, Mary Ann Nichols, was found. At the Baxter inquest into the death of Mary Ann (‘Polly’) Nichols, whereat the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against some person or persons unknown, we know that Charles Lechmere both, for reasons yet not known, used an alias he had not been known to.

The funeral expenses were paid for by Edward Walker (Polly's father), William Nichols (Polly's ex-husband), and Edward John Nichols (Polly's son).

Mary Ann Nichols

In latethe cemetery authorities decided to mark Polly's grave with a plaque.

The murder of mary ann polly nichols a whitechapel murder victim by jack the ripper
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Buck's Row (Now Durward Street) | Jack the Ripper