Saravejo after the bosnian serbian conflict

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Siege of Sarajevo

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Bosnian conflict

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Bosnian war 20 years on: peace holds but conflict continues to haunt

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Bosnian Genocide

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Pressure began to build in Bosnia-Herzegovina in February after the government passed a referendum for independence from Yugoslavia, which further exacerbated ethnic tensions in the already tense territory. Bosnia followed Slovenia and Croatia and declared their independence from Yugoslavia in However, Bosnia was multicultural.

Bosnian Serbs wanted to be part of a Greater Serbia.

Bosnian War

Serbia wanted Bosnia to be part of a Greater Serbia. They armed the Bosnian Serbs, who then besieged Sarajevo from tocausing Europe’s worst atrocities since WWII.

The Serb members of parliament, consisting mainly of Serb Democratic Party (SDP) members, abandoned the central parliament in Sarajevo, and formed the Assembly of the Serb People of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 24 Octoberwhich marked the end of the tri-ethnic coalition that governed after the elections in "A few years after the war, there was a political thaw," said one western diplomat in Sarajevo.

"The Republika Srpska recognised the genocide had been committed, and people started doing business. Right: A bus stop in the village of Trnopolje, where Serb soldiers set up a concentration camp.

An Orthodox priest baptizes a boy in Pale, a former hub for Serbian soldiers near Sarajevo. The conflict in Bosnia was more than a civil war. Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia following a controversial referendum, and was recognized by the United States and Europe in April — and the United Nations a month later.

Saravejo after the bosnian serbian conflict
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