Presentation on the expansion of the universe

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The Origin, History, Evolution & Future of the Universe

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The Expanding Universe

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The Expanding Universe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Current understanding. The accelerating expansion of the universe is the observation that the universe appears to be expanding at an increasing rate, so that the velocity at which a distant galaxy is receding from the observer is continuously increasing with time.

The. Expansion Rate of the Universe is. Doppler. Redshifted Expanding Universe. makes them. recede. from us! Cosmic Distance Mapping the Universe??

Ladder. Cosmic Distance Ladder Mapping the Universe! Author: Brett Bochner Created Date: 02/23/ Title: PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Brett Bochner Company: Microsoft. Two – the closed universe – that the amount of gravity in the universe would slow its expansion down until it collapses back in on itself, And three the flat universe – that there would be just a perfect amount of gravity so that the universe grows to a particular size and then stops.

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Presentation on the expansion of the universe
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