Polio the worst illness in the history of man

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History of Polio

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Aug 17,  · The first two man-made causes of paralytic polio have something in common with the third: The paralysis almost always occurs at. "The worst patients have had difficulty in breathing because, of course, we breathe using muscles as well." polio-like illness sickens 3-year-old in Iowa the history behind an article.

Polio used to be very common in the U.S. and caused severe illness in thousands of people each year before polio vaccine was introduced. The REAL History Behind the Polio Vaccine. Did Vaccines Really Eradicate Polio?) 4. The history of the polio vaccine is a history of contamination of the vaccines responsible for the injury and deaths of countless people.

Perhaps the worst thing about polio vaccines is their continued contamination by monkey viruses of which SV 40 is.

What Is Polio?

One of the worst ways for the human population to be thinned is to die from disease. Millions of people each year have perished as a result of one of any number of seemingly unstoppable diseases.

Throughout history mankind has suffered the crippling and mortal effects of a ravaging disease brought. History of Polio. In the early 20th century, polio was one of the most feared diseases in industrialized countries, paralysing hundreds of thousands of children every year.

Polio the worst illness in the history of man
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The REAL History Behind the Polio Vaccine