People of the kalahari the kung culture essay

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How Hunter-Gatherers May Hold the Key to our Economic Future

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Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert

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Because the kung people live in small groups of people that consists of at most 15 huts in the dry season and 20 huts in the rainy season it is important to them to have peace among the people.

They have very little crimes and or violence. The!Kung San of the Kalahari Desert Essay - The!Kung San of the Kalahari Desert are one of the most highly researched groups by anthropologists. They refer to themselves as the Zhun/twasi, which means, “the real people”. In his later work, Lee would acknowledge that, “Historically, the Ju/’hoansi have had a high infant mortality rate ” 7 In a study on the life histories of the!Kung Nancy Howell found that the number of infants who died before the age of 1 was roughly 20 percent.

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Eating Christmas in the Kalahari

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People of the kalahari the kung culture essay
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