Explain why the liberals won a

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What Makes People Vote Republican?

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Yet although they polled 5, votes, the election result was a bitter disappointment for the Liberals, who won just 59 seats, only 16 more than they had taken in Labour formed a minority government with seats and the Conservatives were beaten into second place with MPs.

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7 Reasons Why Liberals Are Incapable of Understanding The World

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Liberal landslide: the election August 15, - pm In I gave a talk at a dinner to mark the th anniversary of the Liberal landslide election victory, drawing parallels between elections now and then which are still very relevant. The liberals believe in cultural relativism, where all cultures are equal, not one tribe over the other, this is why President Donald Trump and liberals cannot agree over policy.

Democrats and the liberal media are afraid of Kanye West. What else explains their behavior?

Though it’s unsettling to imagine such a scenario, both the republic and the Democratic Party would likely survive if Hillary Clinton did not become president.

Explain why the liberals won a
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Why did people vote for Donald Trump? Voters explain | US news | The Guardian