Explain the economic and military role of the perioeci and helots essay

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The Role Of Women Within Shakespeare

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Explain The Knowledge, Skills And Behaviour Of Hr Role

For the Context citizens, the other aspects of your life were left to the events and the helots. Explain the economic and military role of Many people forget or undermine the importance of the perioeci and the helots in their study of Sparta, dismissing both groups as only slaves or inferiors that later overthrew the Spartiates.

Unlike other Greek city states, women played an integral role in Spartan society as they were the backbone of the Spartan economic system of inheritance and marriage dowry and they were relied upon to fulfill their main responsibility of producing Spartan warrior sons.

The general lack of military co-operation between the Perioikoi and the Helots against the Spartans may or may not betoken different ethnic affiliations, but it is true that only once before the liberation of Messenia did Perioikic towns join a Helot revolt (in c) and that in this instance both were Messenian.

The Spartan helots were the serfs of ancient Sparta, they were owned by the state and used by the Spartans for various purposes and tasks. The helots are believed to have been laconians that was brought to service by the Spartans when their needs for farmers to grow food, and support the growing Spartan community arose.

Talbert > helots were happy to serve their masters > they had little education and were shut off from the rest of thr world > willingly went to wat for Spartans.

Hennessy > economic factors and hoplite warfare would have also played a part in developing the way Sparta ran. Explain The Economic And Military Role Of The Perioeci And Helots words - 3 pages Many people forget or undermine the importance of the perioeci and the helots in their study of Sparta, dismissing both groups as only slaves or inferiors that later overthrew the Spartiates.

Explain the economic and military role of the perioeci and helots essay
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