Essay about the movie outbreak

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Essay reflection on the movie outbreak

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Pertussis Outbreak

Below is an essay on "Outbreak Movie" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The virus was first introduced to the Motaba community when one of the natives, patient zero, went to build a road into Kinshasa.

Pertussis is a common disease among infants.

Outbreak Investigation: A Cheat Sheet

Though the disease affects infants, teenagers, and adults, it is more prevalent in infants. Typically, Pertussis is a respiratory disease characterized by coughing. This essay compares Steven King’s "The Stand" and the movie "Outbreak", that use infections to reflect the drawbacks of government control and the opposition between good and evil; in both novels, fear is a common factor in the situations, through which characters are being put through.

The notion that an agent like Nipah virus, a pathogen shared by bats, pigs, and humans and presumably the model for the virus in the movie, will break out of its niche and cause widespread disease.

Essay about the movie outbreak
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