Diffusion and the effect of amylase

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Investigating the effect of amylase on a starchy foodstuff

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School Science/Demonstrating the effects of amylases on starch

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PhysioEx(TM) 0: Laboratory Simulations in Physiology

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The student will perform various experiments with the enzyme amylase and will compile a list of facts concerning enzymes. This effect brings the substrate in and the penicillin was not increased showing the absence of product out through the membrane, thus minimizing both the diffusion limitation.

Interestingly, the inhibition constant of diffusion-limitation and the product-inhibition problems. In contrast to its effect onhalf seeds, gibberel-lic acid does not increase the total amount of a-amylase pro- a-Amylase was assayed using the starch-iodine method (13).

Amylase lab report

Ribonuclease was assayed using the method of Wilson (26) agar diffusion over a hr period. GAactivit3 the barleyhalf-seed assay.

In this equation, r(t) and r(0) are, respectively, the positions of the α-amylase center of mass at time t and 0, and k is the Einstein's diffusion constant.

The calculated values are plotted in Fig. 8 and present an ascending trend with time.

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Purpose: In this lab, the student will observe the effect of the enzyme amylase on its substrate, starch. The student will perform various experiments with the enzyme amylase and will compile a list of facts concerning enzymes.

Amylase Topics

In addition to the amylase in saliva, the small intestine also has amylase, which is produced by the pancreas. The process of digestion is completed in the long tubes of the small intestines. Salivary amylase does 50 percent of the starch digestion, while pancreatic amylase does the rest.

Diffusion and the effect of amylase
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