Capital punishment and the cultural discourse

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Setting, Speaking, and Framing in the News Discourse of Elected Executions: A Play in Three Acts

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The Ethics of Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment as moral imperative

Prior to this change, many scholars believed that the historic teaching of the Church did not declare capital punishment intrinsically immoral, even if the practice is, as a matter of prudence, not required in countries with modern prison systems that can safely isolate dangerous criminals.

Despite the vast amount of ink spilled in the current controversy over capital punishment, there’s been a real hesitancy to make explicit its analogy with the longer-running and arguably more important debate respecting the Church’s teaching on religious liberty.

Attending to questions of aesthetic form—a “cultural poetics,” if you will—the chapters that follow examine mainstays within the cultural rhetoric of capital punishment, such as republican arguments against the death penalty or appeals to biblical dictates for or against its practices; tropes or.

Executing Freedom

The Cultural Lives of Capital Punishment investigates the role that capital punishment plays ‘in defining our political and cultural identity’ (Sarat & Boulanger, Randle, J. ().

Setting, Speaking, and Framing in the News Discourse of Elected Executions: A Play in Three Acts

The cultural lives of capital punishment in the United States. linchpin in the confluence of debates on abortion and capital punishment. In this Paper, I briefly discuss the current statistics on abortion access and protests, executions and death sentences in .

Capital punishment and the cultural discourse
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