An essay on my journey as a business entrepreneur

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Get Gutsy Essay Contest Winning Entry #1: My Journey to Entrepreneur by Caroline Winn

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For Young Entrepreneur - Scholarship Essay Example

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Sample Why Stanford MBA Essay (Tech Entrepreneur) (390 words)

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Before is why DCTC, myself, my profs, and all of the concepts that come into the reader work together to aid entrepreneurs in being expected. I did know one do for certain — I never written a job. How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Education Essay. Print Reference this.

Disclaimer: MBA is not my destination. It is just a beginning to a successful journey.

Entrepreneurial Skills

To become a successful entrepreneur. This is the time to apply my knowledge into wisdom and experience into more fruitful action. This is the time I take full control of.

Glock submitted an essay on why entrepreneurial education is so vital to community college, drawing from her own experiences as a non-traditional, mature student who is making the journey from a single mother to a small business owner.

“Someone can be an entrepreneur regardless of the type of business (startup, family business, corporate, government) or motive (for profit, not for profit, lifestyle, small business, growth-oriented business). I now realize that a career as an entrepreneur in India could provide me with the best of both worlds.

With the objective of learning about business, I completed my bachelor's degree in Commerce and joined KPMG in the Audit & Business Advisory Department. BusinessBroker Network is dedicated to connecting business buyers and sellers through its online database of over 28, businesses and franchises.

Business Broker Network will award a $2, scholarship to a highly motivated student who can thoughtfully write about a business leader that has inspired their future entrepreneurial journey.


It's also important to develop entrepreneurial skills if you're in a job role where you're expected to develop a business, or "take things forward" more generally. In this article, we'll look at the skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur, and we'll explore resources that you can use to develop the traits needed for success.

An essay on my journey as a business entrepreneur
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