An argument against the moral obligation to prevent the sufferings of others in all cases

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Joseph Butler's Moral Philosophy

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Critical reflections on the principle of beneficence in biomedicine

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Critical reflections on the principle of beneficence in biomedicine

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Is there a moral obligation to give to charity?

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Is there a moral obligation to give to charity?

The latter is also what applies to our obligation to help others and, as such, has a direct connection to proximity.

We can assume that because free choice is a prerequisite for a just contract, active conscious awareness is the true morally relevant factor in these cases. Jul 22,  · Secondly, if we are able to prevent such suffering from happening without sacrificing something of comparable moral importance then we.

Any moral argument will be the stronger for being able to survive translation between ethical theories, being equally stateable in a variety of them. This does not conflict with the principle of equal consideration, since the others are not discriminated against - they were free to take part if they wished.

I shall assume that in all. In this way, we would hold a higher moral obligation to help those to whose suffering we are more aware, and less of an obligation to help those to whose suffering we are less aware. This, however, still does not fully justify the claim of the contractual nature of awareness.


Ringach recognizes our moral obligation to the welfare of animals and the need to look for alternatives to animals testing, but with our current capabilities, he (as many researchers and even ethicists would agree) that the good outweighs the harms in these cases.

The best argument against God's existence (phisigmasigmafiu.comReligion) submitted 1 year ago * by [deleted] This is an argument against an omnipotent, omniscient, morally perfect creator of the universe. Limiting immoral actions of other beings is a moral obligation.

An argument against the moral obligation to prevent the sufferings of others in all cases
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The best argument against God's existence : DebateReligion