A debate about the mystery of human combustion

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Spontaneous human combustion

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Mystery spontaneous combustion in Ireland among world’s strangest deaths

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Spontaneous Human Combustion: A Brief History

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The Mysterious Case of Drinking & Spontaneous Human Combustion

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Spontaneous Human Combustion Lazarus Lazuli MOVED An uncommon and strange way to die, spontaneous human combustion is still a subject of much mystery and debate. Apr 10,  · New excavations in recent years, however, have unearthed a different theory based on hundreds of human bones found at the site, dating across 1, years and showing signs of.

Among other things, he attempted to show a connection between spontaneous human combustion and telepathy, auras, people with unusually strong magnetic fields, geography, and ‘ritual dancing’ all to try to prove his theory of a connection between extreme emotional states and spontaneous combustion.

Though the term "spontaneous human combustion" is of fairly recent vintage, it was a rare-but-real concern to many in the s. In fact, there are nearly a dozen references to people bursting. This condition is called Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). While the debate still goes on whether this is actually a thing or are the forensics doing a horrible job of finding evidence of how a human was charred to death, randomly.

Guess the mystery continues until the next case of SHC comes to light. Solving the Mystery of Spontaneous Human Combustion C R I T I C A L FOCUS Brian J.

Ford L ast November, a year-old man was standing outside a record An elderly woman succumbed to spontaneous human combustion on March 4,in the Lancashire town of Chorley, England.

A debate about the mystery of human combustion
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